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2017-02-07 16:14:11 +0200 The course of the umbilical string, its care and the side effects that ought to lead us to the pediatrician. The umbilical cord

The umbilical cord

The umbilical cord 470 900
The course of the umbilical string, its care and the side effects that ought to lead us to the pediatrician.

Likewise, when does the rope "fall" regularly and how might we manage the circumstance when this does not occur at the predefined time?

The course of the umbilical rope

1. Five minutes after birth, the umbilical rope is sliced to roughly 1.5cm from the child's tummy and settled. This is called "string stump."

2. Toward the starting it has the type of "gel", the "string stump" is lump, it has a rosy shading and inside 6-7 days it obscures, dries, tumbles off and the zone mends in around 12-15 days.

3. In the event that the "string stump 'does not fall inside this period, you ought to counsel your pediatrician, in light of the fact that the deferral is probably going to be connected with invulnerable issue.


The care of the umbilical line

The line stump, similar to the center point, needs care to maintain a strategic distance from pollution. Each time you are changing diaper on the child, clean the territory with a cotton ball with liquor. The cleaning must be proceeded for 12-15 days even after the fall of the stump.

To maintain a strategic distance from sore navel and different issues, it ought to be kept dry. You need to keep the diaper collapsed underneath the string so that the range is not wetted by the pee of the child. Likewise, until the string stump is totally mended, abstain from showering the youngster.

The umbilical rope has not tumbled off yet. Could the child go into the water?

You ought not place babies in the shower but rather wash them locally, dampening them with warm water and cleaning touchy ranges with the wipe.

What signs show that the stump has been contaminated?

- If there is discharge at the base of the umbilical rope

- If the infant's skin around the base of the line is red

- If the infant cries when you touch the line or skin around it. (Try not to confound the crying child when you put liquor. This is splendidly ordinary).

- The microbial defilement of the umbilical is called omphalitis and it is treated with anti-microbial treatment and concentrated cleaning.

In spite of the fact that the string has tumbled off, the territory stays wet and to some degree swollen. What's off-base?

These indications allude to the supposed granuloma of the umbilicus. On the off chance that the granuloma is little, the pediatrician will treat it just by applying silver nitrate. On the off chance that the territory stays wet and swollen surgery might be all together yet that will be chosen by the pediatrician. Absolutely this is a lightweight operation that does not require hospitalization or anesthesia.

Each time the infant cries, its umbilical line raises. What happens?

For this situation, the infant may have umbilical hernia. The umbilical hernia is brought about by a little opening that is shaped in the muscles of the guts of the infant and permits tissues to project at whatever point some weight is applied inside the belly, for example, when the kid cries. Typically the umbilical hernia is a condition that adjusts itself after the initial 12-year and a half of the youngster's life. If not, the circumstance ought to be remedied surgically.


You may see a couple drops of blood on the diaper when the string starts to tumble off. This is impeccably ordinary and ought not alert you. To be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt, be that as it may, this is the typical condition, it regards specify it to your pediatrician.


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