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Babyspace website is owned by the company CARE DIRECT. By using this website the visitor/user must read carefully these terms of use and visit/use the pages/services of babyspace only if you accept them fully. If you browse this website, it is presumed to be aware of the terms of use, to accept them and to waive from any waive that may come about from its visit to babyspace. Babyspace may at any time modify these terms of use. The visitors/users shall be responsible to regularly check if any amendments of these terms have been made. The use of babyspace after the aforementioned amendment shall be considered as acceptance of the terms of use, as amended. It is strictly prohibited to use babyspace in case of non-acceptance of any term of use.


The website babyspace is available strictly for personal use of its visitors/users and only for information and in no case for commercial purposes.


The website babyspace is owned by CARE DIRECT and it is protected by applicable international and local provisions of Law 59/1976 on copyright, as it applies. Apart from the explicit exceptions (copyright of third parties, colleagues and bodies), the whole content of babyspace, including images, graphics, photos, designs, drawings, texts, tools and computers, of the provided services and in general of all files of this website shall be copyright, registered trademarks and service marks of babyspace and CARE DIRECT and they shall be protected by the respective provisions of Greek

, European and international convention and treaties.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the users are allowed to browse this website only for personal, non-commercial use. Visitors/users are allowed to download, send by e-card the material of babyspace to another user and print the material included in the website, send links with the articles of babyspace for personal use by the users, on the condition that no intellectual or industrial property rights are affected, and that no trademarks are modified, altered or deleted. This license may be revoked at any time. Any other use of the material available on this website is prohibited, including indicatively: amendment, copy, alteration, compilation, configuration, reproduction, distribution, transfer, sale, republication without the source of origin, upload in any way to another computer any information (as a whole, part or summary thereof) available on this website in any way or means, including their sending on the Internet or their availability on the Internet in any other way without prior written consent of CARE DIRECT. Other products or services mentioned on the webpage of this node and bearing trademarks of respective organizations, companies, associate partners, unions or publications, shall be their own intellectual property and therefore these bodies shall be exclusively responsible.

CARE DIRECT, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to add, amend and/or remove at any time any element and/or information included therein, as well as to interrupt, temporarily or permanently, partly or in whole, its services without any warning.


CARE DIRECT is bound to protect the personal data of the visitors/users of www.babyspace.uk.com and comply with the respective international provisions regarding the processing of personal data (Protection of Individuals) of Law of 2001 (Law 138(1)/2001), as they shall apply. Therefore, no information regarding personal data of the visitors/users shall be collected unless voluntarily provided by them. The provision of personal data is not required for browsing babyspace or accessing its content. The visitor/user shall provide his/her personal data only if he/she wishes to register for members services of babyspace. In that case the visitor/user shall agree that all information provided to babyspace are complete, correct, true, exact and valid and that in case of any change he/she will inform the respective service of babyspace so as the registration information to remain complete, correct, true, exact and valid. The user’s personal data that must be necessarily complete are: user’s name, e-mail address, password and the member’s condition: I want to get pregnant, I am pregnant, estimated date of confinement, I am a mother, child/children’s date of birth, children’s sex, and I am a father. The optional information the user may provide upon registration is: first name, surname, first name and surname of the husband/wife, address, telephone number or cell phone number, date of birth, country of birth, marital status (married, single), profession, child’s name, maternity hospital of birth. Moreover, the user may upon registration declare if he/she wishes to receive the babyspace newsletter by e-mail at the declared e-mail address. By accepting the terms of use, he/she accepts the sending of newsletters from cooperating companies or of promotion-information message through SMS on the cell phone, or telephone contact via the landline to inform them about new products – services or dispatch by post at their address of leaflets – discount vouchers – samples of products of babyspace, CARE DIRECT or other cooperating companies. The visitor is not obliged to fill in the above information that are his/her personal data, but without the aforementioned “compulsory” information he/she cannot register as member while he/she shall be entitled to browse the website, without being able to interact, that is to say he/she shall enjoy the rights and possibilities of simple visitors and not of registered users. Especially for the Newsletters, if the User wishes to stop being informed by Newsletters, he/she may be informed by e-mails that will include the Newsletter to be automatically deleted from this service only. If the user wishes to stop the totally or partly interrupt the communication for advertisement, he/she has only to send an e-mail at unsubscribe@babyspace.com.cy and declare his/her wish. The members remain exclusively responsible for all actions made under their personal password, their username and in general their account. The members agree to directly notify babyspace for any unauthorised use of their account and any made and/or probable security breach. Furthermore, the members are exclusively responsible for the careful use of their account at the end of each use. Babyspace shall not be responsible for any damage or harm caused due to failure of the members to respect and comply with this clause. Upon registration to babyspace the user consent their personal data to be used by CARE DIRECT as responsible for their processing by automated means or by the company itself or any person therefore appointed by CARE DIRECT by its order and for its account. The data submitted by the visitor/user at babyspace shall be kept in a data base of a server and will be processed for the sole purpose to provide services to the users and in particular in order provide them with material adapted to their interests and preferences, as they result from the information notified by the users and in general for the support, promotion and execution of their relationship with them.

However, since it is possible third unauthorised persons to have access to the messages send via the internet to the users, they are advised not to send by e-mail information they wish to keep secret. Registered users, as well as anyone providing their personal data on babyspace website, are entitled to ask and receive from CARE DIRECT the following information: a) all personal data concerning them; b) the purposes of the processing and any recipients; c) the correction of their data kept in file, as well as the right to any objections regarding the data concerning them. Registered users are entitled to ask at any time and free of charge the deletion of their data at any time by sending an e-mail to unsubscribe@babyspace.uk.com, specifying if they wish their data to be deleted from the database of the website or if they simply wish not to receive notifications about some of the promotion messages they have accepted.

The communication of personal data by the users of babyspace in the above way shall be deemed as acceptance of the terms of use of these data in accordance with these terms. In case the user does not agree with the aforementioned use of his/her personal data, he/she must not complete the respective fields.


Babyspace may use cookies to enable recognition of the visitor/user on certain services and pages of babyspace. Cookies are small pieces of data saved on each visitor’s/user’s hard disc and they do not receive information about any document or file from their computer. They are solely used to facilitate access of the visitor/user to specific services of babyspace and for statistical reasons so as to determine the fields where the services provided by babyspace are useful or popular or for marketing reasons. The visitor/user of babyspace may set the browser in such a way so as to warn him/her about the use of cookies of particular services of babyspace or not to allow the acceptance of cookies in any case. In case the visitor/user of these particular services and pages of babyspace does not wish to use cookies for his/her recognition, he/she cannot enjoy further access to these services.


If the visitors of babyspace use the communication capabilities provided by this website in order to provide other information, apart from personal data, as for instance suggestions about the website or ideas for advertisements and products and any other related information, these information, suggestions and ideas shall become property of babyspace with the consent of the visitor and may be used/utilised by babyspace or CARE DIRECT in any way (e.g. reproduction, amendment, notification to third parties etc.) for commercial or other purposes, while the visitor providing these information, suggestions and ideas shall renounce any right to these information, suggestions and ideas that voluntarily offered and from any right to compensation for the use of the above material by babyspace.

Moreover, the visitors’/users’ replies to voting effectuated by babyspace on current issues are recorded, analysed and commented by babyspace with a view to drawing conclusions regarding the public opinions about the issues that were put to the vote. Babyspace reserves the exclusive right to collect and exploit these data and the conclusions drawn become its own intellectual property. Regarding voting, babyspace sets out the special conditions of participation to voting and reserves the right to cancel it at its discretion.


The users/members of babyspace shall be exclusively responsible for all and any content they post, publish, sent, transfer or otherwise make available through the services of babyspace. Babyspace and CARE DIRECT are not able to control all the content posted by its users/members of the website services due to its size, so they cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, legality or quality of such content and they should not be considered that they adopt or accept it. The user/member understands and accepts that by using the services of babyspace may be exposed to offensive, unethical or illegal content.

Babyspace shall in no event be liable for the content of notices or forum groups such as: Forum, My Album, My Calendar that are contained in the website, for any mistake or omission of any content or for any damage or harm that may occur due to the use of any content posted, sent, transferred or otherwise made available for users/members through the services of babyspace, as well as for any transmitted information of inaccurate, incorrect, threatening, scandalous, defamatory, pornographic and insulting content. It is not allowed the transmission or post of similar messages or information, as well as of those that have criminal or civil liability. Babyspace and CARE DIRECT declare that they will cooperate with any police or judicial Authority in order to disclose the identity of any user posting or transmitting similar material or information. In case Babyspace is informed that any content causes non-material or other damage to third parties, it reserves the right to immediately delete this content and also terminate the account of the user/member infringing the terms hereof. The visitors/users are bound that their particulars submitted to babyspace are complete, correct and accurate, that they comply with the rules of the Greek law and in particular with the provisions of telecoms laws, that they refrain from any illegal or unethical use of babyspace and that they do not infringe any rights of third parties and, in particular, the personal secrecy.

The visitor/user of this website is solely responsible for its legal use. The visitor/user is not allowed to send or transmit illegal material via babyspace. Such material is considered any material infringing third parties’ rights (indicatively of intellectual or industrial property and privacy rights and personal data protection) and/or being false, inaccurate, threatening, insulting, offensive, vulgar, violent, and defamatory or encouraging punishable offences. Moreover the visitors/users are not allowed to cause in any way damage to minors, falsification or other alteration of users’/members’ identifiers intended for deception regarding the origin of the content transmitted via babyspace, post, publication, dispatch or use of any other means for the installation of any unsolicited advertising or other content related to promotion of products or services or other websites, the sending of spam e-mails and any other promotion of undesired content. The use of the website for illegal purposes shall civil and criminal penalties. The visitor/user agrees and accepts that babyspace and CARE DIRECT shall not be liable for content with the above characteristics which comes from third parties and is hosted on the website.

In case a visitor/user causes technical failure to the website or the systems transmitting the website to the visitors/users, the visitor/user shall be liable for any damage resulting from that failure and shall undertake any expenses for its repair.

Moreover, the visitor/user of babyspace understands and accepts that he/she remains solely responsible to compensate babyspace and CARE DIRECT and its collaborators for any legal dispute arising between him/her and third parties due to the content he/she makes available for post, publication or other transmission via the services of babyspace, as well as in case of incorrect entry of data upon registration or update of their data and in general in any case of infringement of these terms.


The visitor/user understands and accepts that babyspace reserves the exclusive right, without prior warning, to suspend the use of the password(s) to its services and/or to suspend the provision of its content to its visitors/users if it considers they have infringed the letter and spirit of these terms of use. Babyspace and CARE DIRECT cannot be held liable towards the visitor/user for the aforementioned suspension or for any case of claim related to it.


Babyspace and CARE DIRECT are in no case responsible for the communication of the visitor/user with third service providers advertised in babyspace and for any commercial transaction that may result from the relationship between them.


The visitor/user using the services of babyspace to post and/or publish information, data, texts, graphics, photos, images, audio files, videos, messages, authorises babyspace for as long as this context is part of babyspace’s services, to use the space where this content is posted for advertising purposes. Moreover, the visitor/user posting and/or publishing information, data, texts, graphics, photos, images, audio files, videos, messages consents to post and/or publication of advertisements by babyspace on the related pages/services.


Babyspace and CARE DIRECT shall not be liable for any form of damage suffered by the visitor/use of the websites, services, selections and contents of babyspace he/she accesses on his/her own initiative and responsibility (e.g. indicatively, but not limited to, damage due to illegal actions of third parties such as interception or decryption of codes and data, spread of viruses while using the website or downloading of parts of its content, to problems that may arise during the use of computers (e.g. loss of data etc.) etc.). Babyspace is used as it is, without express or implicit guarantee and depending on the availability. Babyspace and CARE DIRECT do not guarantee that the pages, services, selections and contents will be provided without interruption or errors, that this website will be safe, that errors will be corrected on this website or that the server that makes babyspace available has no viruses or other harmful elements. In no case shall babyspace and CARE DIRECT guarantee the accuracy, credibility, proximity, completeness or availability of the posted content. The cost of possible corrections or support shall weigh on the visitor/user and in no case on babyspace.

The content of babyspace and the information provided by this website in no case cannot be interpreted as reliable information and/or advice nor do they implement encouragement for the undertaking or not of specific action. Babyspace and CARE DIRECT in no case guarantee the completeness, fullness and in general the suitability of the content they undertake to collect, proceed and distribute in particular due to its high volume nor they guarantee the lack of any mistakes and errors. Therefore, the visitor/user of babyspace, when using its service on his/her own initiative, undertakes the respective responsibility each time to crosscheck the provided information, especially any medical instructions or advice that may be posted on the website, for the validity and completeness of which babyspace and CARE DIRECT shall have no liability. It is recommended the user to consult their personal physician. Moreover, regarding the sending of gifts and promotional products provided by babyspace, CARE DIRECT shall not be liable for the time of their sending to the recipients, which depend solely on third parties.


Babyspace contains links to other websites. The interconnection with other websites via links is effectuated only for the visitors’/users’ convenience. These websites are outside the control of babyspace and therefore babyspace shall not be responsible for the availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and completeness of their services. Babyspace is not responsible for any direct or consequential damage of the visitors/users resulting from the utilisation of the interconnection capacities with another website via links or from the use of data and information contained in any similar website. Consequently, for any problem occurring during their visit/use, the visitor/user shall turn directly to the respective websites and webpages that hold all related responsibility for the provision of their services. In no case babyspace should be considered that it confirms or accepts the content or services of these websites and the webpages referred or connected to in any way.


These terms of use and the use of babyspace website shall be governed by the Greek law and the applicable legal provisions of the European Union and the related International Treaties. If any provision of these terms is held invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these terms will remain in effect. The Courts of Geneva shall be competent for the settlement of any dispute that may arise from the use of babyspace website or regarding the interpretation or implementation of these terms of use or in connection with it.


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