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Most children aged 8-9 years are able to use grammar and syntax correctly most of the time. Child development 8-9 years old

Child development 8-9 years old

Child development 8-9 years old 230 330

Most children aged 8-9 years are able to :

- Describe events in the past by making proper use of time and enriching their narrative with sounds, similes etc. .
- Use grammar and syntax correctly most of the time
- Read books in comfort, even those which are complex 
- Participate in adult conversations
- Follow complex instructions without needing repetitions
- Memorize poems and minor roles


Comversation - communication:

The number one key we have in our power to help child's development at this age is discussion. The child can now understand what we tell him, unlike the previous age phase when there were some practical obstacles. On the other hand, unlike the era of revolution below (adolescence), the child is able to hear us, understand us and accept what we tell him unambiguously and denials.​ So take advantage of this opportunity for effective communication! The child must understand that we pay attention on what he says, that we respect him, that we care about his opinion and that we are ready to answer all kind of questions without underestimate .


Sensitive Issues:

The child of this age is more likely to express concerns about issues related to sex. Every time he asks something regarding sex, we answer him honestly to the point where we believe that our child can understand. We talk realistically, without overanalyzing the topic. We do not ignore our child's questions, neither we open the debate ourselves if we see that our child has not yet such questions.

By the same realistic and gently way, we talk to our child about death. We choose to do it in some occasion (the death of a pet, a neighbor, a relative). We don't lie and we don't protect him from the truth. The subject of death is not a taboo. Death is part of life if we want our child to have a clear and comprehensive view of the reality that surrounds him, he has to understand it.


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