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How your child develops during the 8th month 8th month of his life

8th month of his life

8th month of his life 230 330

An eight-month-old child is a bustling infant, at this point he will rehearse the abilities he has officially aced and will be quick to take in more.

This is what else you can anticipate:


- He stands up, with offer assistance

- His activities have a clearer reason

- He is inclining forward to find something

- He tries to get the spoon

- He can creep forward and in reverse

Hands and self – help

- He just holds objects with the palm without the collaboration of thumb and different fingers

- He puts littler questions inside bigger ones

- He tries to eat alone

 Language and socialization
- He starts to react when he hears his folks

- He moves his tongue to change the sound

- He begins copying

- He makes utilization of particular activities to address new circumstances

- He recognizes his name when some person calls him

 What he likes
- Dancing and bobbing up when we hold him in our arms

- Hanging toys and toys that deliver sounds

- To sing with beat

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