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8 year old children have the habit of making a great number of questions and they want to know everything! Child development 7-8 years old

Child development 7-8 years old

Child development 7-8 years old 230 330

They are also mature enough to have their own view on many things . Children at this age, still like hugs and feel confident when we keep them out of hand. The fact that a 8 year old child speaks and acts like older, does not mean you are still a child . 

It is large enough to stay alone at home?

We may wonder sometimes whether a 8 year old child is able to stay alone at home. The answer to this question given by the experts is not. The child is not old enough to stay alone at home and is not able to cope with an emergency which may arise . 

Write and read

Reading and simple exercises of mathematics at the school will definately reinforce the confidence of your child. The kitchen and the cooking time can become a smart way of learning mathematics. Fractions, addition and subtraction can be a game with a cup of rice.

I like collections

Many children at this age, develop an interest in collecting things. Encourage your child to create his own collection but also guide him on how to have it under control!

Learn how to save money!

This is the perfect age to learn your child how to handle his own money and how to make savings.

I'm a part of a team!

At the age of 8, children experience being parts of a team. We help our child become social by urging him to take part in outdoors activities.

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