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The development of the 6th month 6th month of his life

6th month of his life

6th month of his life 230 330

Mobility during 6th month
-He sits for a moment by himself, using hands for balance, falls to the front
-He sits in the chair eating
-He stands upright for a while if supported

-He turns on both sides
-He tries to move forward to catch something

Hands and self-help during 6th month
-He indicates games
-He can control the blocks
-He uses his whole hand but catching small objects with thumb and forefinger

Language and socialization during 6th month
-He lets out cries and a variety of sounds
-He tries his voice, observes the reactions
-He expresses his feelings with body language: he cries, pounding his belly with his hands, laughing, sad
-He imitates expressions better

Perception in the 6th month
-He spends hours studying his toys and what they do
-He holds something in both hands

  What she likes in the 6th month
-Making noise!
-Playing with blocks
-Being cradled

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