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The development of the 5th month 5th month of his life

5th month of his life

5th month of his life 230 330

Mobility during 5th month
-He sits on the floor with cushions and on a dining chair
-He stands upright while supported
-He turns from stomach to the back
-He lifts his hands and legs when he is lying on his belly
-He stretches his head to see
-He can catch his toes

Hands and self-help during 5th month
-He can catch something with one hand
-He carries toys from one hand to another and in the mouth
-He begins to play with blocks

Language and socialization during 5th month
-He tries to talk in order draw attention to himself
-He turns his head towards the man who speaks
-He monitors movements of the lips when you speak
-He tries to imitate sounds and movements
-The colors are eye-catching for him
-He begin to show interest in food

Perception during the 5th month 
-He learns the sounds and gestures with which he gains a response

-He changes his hand movement according to the object he is trying to catch
-He pushes your hand away if you try to give him medicine

What he likes in the 5th month
-To push with his feet
-To pull on hair
-To play pushing and pressing games
-To dance on your knees
- To play with you when you cover your eyes and uncover them

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