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In this month the baby should now be able to hold his head up steadily and bear some weight on his legs. 4rd month of his life

4rd month of his life

4rd month of his life 230 330

He may even make lovely cooing sounds when you talk to him as he’ll recognize your voice. Some babies also start to roll over at around this point and start showing the development of their fine motor skills by reaching for objects and grasping toys.

-He can stand upright only when someone supports
He sit in a sitting position will suffice to props.
-He lifts his head at 90 degrees, rotates 180 degrees 
-He supports his weight on his elbows  
- He turns from his belly to the side
Hands and self-help
-He embraces with both hands
-He catch with accuracy the game that fell from his hands 
-He explores fumbles, clothes
Language and socialization
-He can make different sounds with his mouth
-He makes bubbles with his saliva and he laughs out loud when tickled
-He holds out his hands to pick up something 
-He sees better and farther away, he looks intensely, monitors movements

-He knows what will come when requesting something e.g. food
-He realizes that everything has a name
What he likes
-He greets and starts playing
-He has fun playing with his fingers
-Playing with bracelets
-He turns to the front in a stroller and pouch 

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