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Sociability, speech, imagination. Between 3-4 years

Between 3-4 years

Between 3-4 years 230 330

The age that just begins, give us the opportunity to teach our child self-discipline, to further develop the relationship between us, but also to help him gain self-esteem and confidence that he will need for the rest of his life .

The child in that age is more skilled, he can go up and down stairs with ease, he can ride a bike, he can sit cross-legged, he can stand on tiptoe or on one leg, he can walk with rhythm, forward and backward, on his heels if he chooses so, he can stand with erect shoulders, without looking down, to catch and throw the ball over his shoulder, etc.  He will not spin around unnecessarily, playing will be more structured. He can play with his toys and be devoted to them. However, the high mobility will remain after the third year of child's life, the child uses his body to express what he feels or thinks, but also to better understand new concepts and unfamiliar words. For example, if we talk about planes, he will start to mimic the motion of the airplane with his hands, a process that we should encourage, since it is particularly important for the development of a three-year child.
In that age between 3-4, he can perform precise movements with hands and fingers. He can grasp the pencil as an adult, copy a circle, a square, make free drawings without clear illustrations, unbutton his clothes, eat alone without throwing his food around, transfer liquids from one container to another, etc.

Ego begins to retreat when the child becomes three years old, which means that he will start to become independent, he can play and cooperate with other children, showing specific preferences for certain people and he will develop his first friendly relations and best friends. He can finally share his toys and the aggression he showed in the previous phases of his life will begin to disappear, giving way to the calm game, which does not mean that there won’t be ant tensions with other children of the same age. At this age between three and four, he will start to implement the process of gender consciousness, which means that boys will show determination, will be satisfied by playing with their favourite super heroes, while the girls will want to paint their nails and wear mama’s clothes. 

Thinking and reasoning
Mom, why? This is the keyword registered on the child’s mind once they reach the age of 3. Questions will be overwhelming and non-stop. What you need to do is give him as much as possible detailed answers. In that way you will help him satisfy his tremendous curiosity, helping him to gain more knowledge and clear thinking. Also, at the age of three, he will be able to rightly report colours, he will begin to have a clearer perception of time, he will understand the meaning of counting and may know a few numbers, he can play with his imagination and remember parts of a story he heard. 

Speech and communication
The vocabulary of a three year old child includes more than 280 words and with those words, he makes sentences of 6-7 words. It also imitates the sounds we make when we talk and he chatters non-stop - a basic element for the development of his vocabulary. In this area our contribution is also significant. So, every day mention new words and ask him to repeat, to make detailed descriptions of things that our child already names, asking him to do same descriptions, using pronouns correctly when he talks, etc. 
Imagination dominates the three year old child and at this phase he will experience a full range of emotions. He will play with great ease, take on roles and attribute human characteristics to inanimate objects. Also, most three year old children obtain one or more "imaginary" friends, which is perfectly normal and extremely creative. Therefore, we should not be misled by believing that the child feels lonely or has an emotional disorder. Reality and imagination will often unite in the everyday life of a three-year old child, to the point that a fantastic episode can frighten him. At this point, our contribution is significant. We need to reassure him rather than mock him.

The body
The child's body will get rid of infancy fat, the muscles will be stronger and he will look more physically mature. The body begins to slim and shrink after the age of three years. Similarly, the limbs of the child will also begin to slim. In many cases, the increase of child’s height can be greater than the increase in weight and as a result the child will look slimmer. But this is perfectly normal and we should not worry, assuming of course that the child is properly nourished. The child's face also displays changes in shape. From now on, the skull will increase slightly in length and the jawbone will be seen more strongly and clearly. Also the upper jaw will start to grow. This happens because it is prepared to accept the permanent teeth of children! 

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