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What can you do? 31 week pregnant

31 week pregnant

31 week pregnant 230 330

You have achieved the last stage, the hardest things have a place with the past, and all you have to do now is to be tolerant, take after your specialist's directions and prepare for this huge occasion! As to eating routine, salt must be totally expelled from the day by day menu with a specific end goal to avoid advance liquid maintenance.

Changes in the fetus
The measure of the baby amid the 31st week develops each day. From this week on the hatchling can hear sounds like your voice, daddy's voice or delicate, wonderful music much better.

What to expect
Amid this time, on the off chance that you pick up a couple of additional pounds, you needn't stress. The additional weight is simply the heaviness of the child, the placenta and the uterus which persistently develop. One of the significant inconveniences of this period is the swelling of the appendages that will start to inconvenience you in a more extraordinary manner. You are currently at the 31st week. Your rings won't fit your fingers any longer and your shoes will now be one size bigger, since your legs will turn out to be progressively powerless against swelling. Edema is a swell brought about by liquid maintenance in tissues and is most maintained in the legs and lower legs. It is even conceivable to feel a slight solidness in the fingers. This happens in light of the fact that the body produces more noteworthy amounts of body liquids to address the issues of fetal development. The uplifting news is that the issue is just brief.     

What can you do?
- You ought to minimize the measure of salt utilized as a part of your nourishment. 

- The best arrangement is totally surrender salt. 

- You ought to abstain from standing up, particularly when it's hot.

While you wait
As the date of birth methodologies you should "listen to" your body all the more strongly and address its issues. Try not to try too hard with exercises that tire or cause you disappointment. Do things that satisfy you and don't stress you. Surmise that all that you feel can likewise be felt by the child inside you. It is more probable that you have officially quit working. Exploit this chance to set up the nursery, to top off the maternity bag, manage pending issues before birth and, on the off chance that you have twins, to get every single important thing by taking after the twin shopping guide.

Release anxiety 
The worry of birth may overpower you. To control the feelings and misery, do things that satisfy you, insofar as you're sure they won't undermine your wellbeing or the strength of the baby. It would likewise be extremely useful to ask your specialist questions identifying with birth. What happens if there are inconveniences with your pregnancy? On the off chance that an issue obliges you to be moved in a state clinic, in what manner will you do that and to which healing facility? How frequently will he visit you after birth while you stay in healing center? Will you have the capacity to speak with him or the birthing specialist by telephone, if vital? What will happen, if for some unexpected reason, he cannot achieve the healing facility in time?

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