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He strolls alone or with offer assistance 12th month of his life

12th month of his life

12th month of his life 230 330

As your child quick methodologies the development first birthday, you'll abruptly observe looks of what lies ahead – the makings of a little child - this can be appeared in his developing autonomy, the beginning of antagonism, the odd hissy fit and persistence to do things his way or not under any condition.


- He strolls alone or with offer assistance

- He stands up by him self

- Steps are free yet shaky and joined by continuous falls

 Hands and self-help
- He can remove protests in and from a container

- He changes hands to show signs of improvement handle of a question

- He has great hand control

Language and socialization
- He can state 2-3 words

- He says "mama" and "father" and means it

-He understand and respond to simple instructions

- He mirrors creature sounds


- He starts to comprehend that items are perpetual

- He can deal with interior pictures of outside environment

- He comprehends the significance of "inside" and "out"

- He understands “no”

- He lifts his head and searches for the wellspring of a sound

- He is dynamic and has a yearning to investigate

What he likes
- He demonstrates an unmistakable inclination for specific nourishments

- To pursue bubbles

- To play find the stowaway

- When he listens to music he moves

- To play with toys that can slither and that he can draw to himself

- To screen grown-up discussions

- To be outside keeping in mind the end goal to enroll boosts

- To carry out simple commands

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