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2018-09-10 16:19:15 +0300 Are you planning to go back to work after having a baby? Joining Work after having a Baby?

Joining Work after having a Baby?

Joining Work after having a Baby? 470 900
Are you planning to go back to work after having a baby?

New mums feel horrible about the day their maternity leaves come to an end as it means leaving your sweetie in someone else’s care and getting habituated to a new routine with your baby. Mark out the things you need to take care of to be tension free at work and keep in touch to your baby.

Work and breastfeeding

  • Go for a trustworthy caretaker: You must have someone to take care of your baby in your absence. Be it your mum, husband, mum-in-law, nanny or a day-care facility. Surely, you don’t want to be worried and anxious about your baby’s security while you’re at work. Be sure you provide your baby enough time to get attached with the caretaker before you join work.

Work and pregnancy

  • Work-life balance: Stop feeling guilty anymore. Don’t let the emotional conflict upset you and your work. Express your feelings with your friends and colleagues. Go easy on work and try to set realistic objectives. According to a research, most of the new mums need minimum 4 months to re-adjust and settle down into the job. So have a positive approach and work towards reaching the work-life balance. Very quickly you and your baby will adjust and relish the new routine.

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  • Follow a new routine: Build a new routine for your baby and yourself, at least a week in advance. Try going to bed early with your kid, get up with a wake-up alarm, and monitor the nursing routine. Try keeping the baby with the nanny or caretaker for a couple of hours almost every day.
  • Be prepared and face the reality: The Maternity leave is not endlessly available; if you want to have the job, then any way you should go back to work. There is no point to avoid this fact. So just stay focused and let’s make yourself prepare for the big day. Plan accordingly starting from buying a breast pump, and let your baby familiarize to take bottle feed from someone other than you.
  • Discuss with your employer first: Though your employer is guessing you will be back at the end of your maternity leave, it’s always a decent idea to send them an advance notification. If possible, have a friendly communication with your HR or employer at least one or two weeks before your joining, and clarify any precise necessities that you may have. This way, your employer also will have adequate time to figure out a completely new work schedule that will suit your requirements.

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The thought of moving out of the house and relating with the world outside could be exciting, but a lot of other anxieties put you in hesitation. It’s usual to feel concerned, but few planning can help you get over the early fears and make the transition simpler.

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