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2017-02-02 11:05:10 +0200 Try not to mistake sex issue for the turmoil of homosexuality. Identification with parents

Identification with parents

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Implications of Identification with Parents and Parents' Acceptance

This article is a diagram of the distinguishing pieces of proof and sexual deviations that will help us clear up a few terms. 

Recognizable proof with a parent 

- Two sorts of ID: 

1. Review: the kid adjusts the parent's way of life particularly when this helps him to remember parental warmth and cherishing care. Fits best with the young lady. The ruling father motivates more prominent gentility in young ladies and manliness in young men. 

2. Barrier: more suited to young men. 

OEDIPUS COMPLEX: The kid has clashes between recognizable proof with the father and the longing to crush this image of force. This is more critical when the impact and prerequisites of the father over the mother are in struggle with the child's. 

Regard, love and trust get mistook for the requirement for selectiveness of maternal love and care. 

At last the craving blurs away and moves into distinguishing proof with the father. 

ILEKTRA'S COMPLEX: It is much less demanding for the young lady to make the recognizable proof as the essential individual with which she is distinguished and the last and furthermore the individual the father is guaranteeing, was dependably the same. 

On the off chance that there are solid protective figures in the family there is a mellow danger of recognizable proof with the father and of more prominent female components in young men. 


Try not to mistake sex issue for the turmoil of homosexuality. 

- Role of sexual orientation: mental attributes of sex. 

- Typical differences between the two genders 

- Through the distinguishing proof of sex 

- Gender personality, made through the above. 

Sex inversion: trouble in tolerating the part of his/her life structures. 

- Identification with the inverse sex 

- Adopting a mental personality of the inverse sex 

- Or twofold sexual personality. 

- Unconsciously in the principal years 

- Consciously in the coming years 

- Self-discernment 

Homosexuality: sexual relations between same sex people. 

Transvestism: dressing in garments of the inverse sex. Likewise in youngsters age. Hormonal and chromosomal anomalies are once in a while in charge of homosexuality. 

Elements that influence psychosexual BEHAVIOR: 

- Genetic: the baby 

- Anatomical: the male sort starts from the female sort 

- Hormonal: 

- Environmental 

- Cultural 

- Social 

- Psychological: 

- Second year: the main contrasts. 

- fourth year: separate the world into male and female people. 

- fifth year: part inclination 

- From the seventh year in accordance with society. 

Starting at 7 years the youngster has disguised the attributes of sex. Anthropological research has demonstrated that in different nations male and female qualities of the western world are not all that entirely partitioned. Childhood and direction have a huge influence in the recognizable proof of sex


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