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2020-01-15 23:01:09 +0200 1- Every child is a unique miracle! How to Deal with Siblings Comparison!

How to Deal with Siblings Comparison!

How to Deal with Siblings Comparison! 470 900
1- Every child is a unique miracle!

Although it's obvious that all children in the family are not genetically alike and that some children may have differences in intellectual, artistic, musical, or physical abilities, it’s also obvious that family competition seems to encourage each child in the family to seek special attention. When parents label their children, it limits their confidence in almost all other areas.

2- Education is the Hero!

It’s important for parents to consider all their children intelligent even if one seems a bit more intelligent than the others. When parents expect all their children to be smart and value challenge, the children are actually less competitive with each other.

3- Respect the Heredity Factor!

When parents consider each other to be intelligent, their children have high regard for both. Regardless of which parent children identify with, they automatically consider themselves smart.

Easy Recipe for Happy Family!

  1. Cheer for your siblings and they'll cheer for you.
  2. You may be second best in your family but might be best if you were in other families.
  3. Even if you're best in your family, you might be second best compared to another family.
  4. Doing the best you can do is more important than being best in the family.
  5. Learn to enjoy your experiences and improvement without continually comparing yourself to your siblings.



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